Education and Training

At ISAE Global, we believe that Education and Training is key for growth, development, advancement and sustainability. We have over the years organized (some in conjunction with other organizations with like minds) events, symposiums, workshops, seminars, and training programs (both hands on and online) for; Youths, Women, Artisans, Schools, Educators, Educationists, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Start Ups, Business owners, Organizations, Government agencies, Industry experts etc. Some of which are; Role Models for Our Generation – ROMOGEN, Drug Abuse and the effects, train the trainer, Teachers training, Leadership and Politics, Civic education, Combating examination Malpractice, Corruption and other related practices, Phonics training, Career Day, Entrepreneurial trainings, Formula 1, Project management training, cosmetology training, vocational training, effective waste management training, crafts training, life skills training, ASGMEIS Training, My Enterprise training, Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development training but to mention a few. Learning for us is a continuous process that lasts a life time.


Our network of professionals and experts affords us the privilege of carrying out investigative reporting, needs assessment, monitoring and evaluation, post training evaluations, business clinics etc. We develop sustainable structures, systems, products and services so as to ensure the projects and programs we execute for our clients meets required standards. Our clients’ satisfaction in the value we offer is top priority.

Leadership Management 

Every institution, community and/or individual require true leadership skills to stay ahead of the game especially in a society that is constantly evolving. Every successful leader is backed by a vision and the tenacity to influence, direct, guide and inspire others to perform at the highest level. At ISAE, we constantly work with individuals and enterprises helping them improve their leadership skills for better management performance.

Community Development

Making communities better by improving standards is a major heartbeat for us at ISAE. We are constantly growing a community of social entrepreneurs and enterprises that believe in positive social impact and the willingness to support or pioneer critical call to action projects. We stay committed to empowering and providing sustainable solutions to rising problems faced by communities across Africa.

Innovation Technology

We are devoted to partnering and supporting tech companies in creating and launching new or improved products, services or processes that are innovative and sustainable in nature. Our goal is to ensure the African tech ecosystem keeps expanding thereby creating a robust value market for tech investors.