The Institute for Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship (ISAE Global) is a Global social enterprise that centers on management and social innovation learning. We are committed to identifying socio-economic problems faced by different communities such as; Poverty, Unemployment, insufficient education, gender inequality, environmental pollution and degradation, Proper healthcare sensitization, corruption, Leadership and management etc, and proffer possible solutions through positive social impact. We inspire sustainable growth, management & development via social innovation, knowledge, skill and practice. ISAE Global is a one stop shop community for learning, networking, leadership management and humanitarian services. We help you live a life of legacy by living purposefully.

The current African generation is in dire need for more positive thinkers, mentors, coaches, social entrepreneurs and visionary leaders who will be Role Models to their Generation. ISAE Global is that unbeatable platform where social entrepreneurs and enterprises in Africa are inspired to create. We do this through our unique educational content, our world-class events, expos, projects and programs, influencing the minds of Africans towards social innovation & entrepreneurship.

At ISAE Global, we believe that; Your Skill is your Advantage!

Our mission is primarily to raise management and social innovation experts!

We are Africans educating the Globe and changing narratives!


To have a social innovations entrepreneur in every home, deliver a world of possibilities to the African value market chain and the world at large, by training, coaching, and networking the largest community of social entrepreneurs through our awareness campaigns, Start Up projects and mentorship programs.


Our goal is to foster positive Social Change in Africa by building social entrepreneur communities that will have economically viable SMSEs, and innovative Start Ups, strengthening their skills and competencies to create, build and launch their enterprises for sustainable living/development.


To be the largest social enterprise community constantly building a sustainable future through skills training, effective leadership management, mentorship, promoting creativity and innovation while engaging in humanitarian services and positive social impact projects.



As a Social enterprise it remains our resolve to;

  • Foster Positive Social change across African communities
  • Inspire change in Africa by producing at least 1 Social entrepreneur in every household, promote social entrepreneurship in communities across Africa.
  • Promote and support the Sustainable Development Goals through our innovative programs, projects, initiatives, and events.
  • Build the largest African network of Strong and Independent social entrepreneurs and enterprises who would lead the world with innovations
  • Train, coach, mentor, and empower a minimum of 1000 African startups, and innovative community projects that would help foster sustainable development.


We are a team of self-starting, mission- driven individuals, solution focused professionals with deep pride in our work.

Every day is an opportunity and we set high expectations for our work but in a positive team orientated culture, that’s how we like it. We care for each other as we focus on our journey ahead. We’re guided and supported by visionary leaders who set.

As Social entrepreneurs and as such we are serious about our work but embrace fun and flexibility to get the job done. Our success is collective in our individual talents and perspective united around the exceptional importance and impact of our work.


We are committed to our purpose. We have a well spelt out structure. While staying focused to our vision we remain professional in discharging our duties. We have a moral code: which is that each and every one of our family is unique and an important part of the whole, in ISAE everyone has a voice. We are problem solvers and as such, we think outside the box.